Swampy goes online!

Purple Swamphen handmade shop interior

When the Swamphen opened in June 2014 I knew I wanted to have an online presence beyond facebook and instagram.  It's only taken three years, but here we are!

I'll be adding more products over the coming weeks, although I'll never be able to list everything we have in our little space in Whitemark.  If you've ever visited our shop on Flinders Island you'll understand why (hint: I have over 80 artists on my books and something like 650 bespoke and unrepeatable products).

Over time I'll be sharing stories about Flinders Island and its people, including the artists who make our wonderful items.  

So have a browse, sign up for our occasional newsletters (promise I won't fill your inbox with spam!), and prepare for our upcoming giveaway!


  • Hi Wendy! I thought I recognised your name when I saw you on insta :) I still dabble in Rav but mainly for projects & patterns these days. Too many social media platforms to keep up with!

    Flinders Island Fleece doesn’t really exist anymore. The family who owned it sold part of the business to Latitude 40 (woollen doonas & pillows). The yarn side stopped, sadly.

    Definitely find a way to come here; Flinders is a great spot whether you want a quiet winter getaway or a peaceful yet active summer one (by that I mean you can swim, walk, snorkel etc yet still have the beach to yourself!)

    The Purple Swamphen

  • Someone was asking about Flinders Island Fleece company on ravelry and I thought of you as someone who would know if it still existed! I found it’s a while since you’d posted on rav, so I went hunting. I’m thrilled to have found Swampy on Instagram – it’s looking so enticing!
    I have always wanted to visit Flinders Island – think I’ll have to put in a bit more effort & find a way!! Wendy (or Nen on ravelry)


  • Thanks, Michelle :) You’ll have to come for a visit sometime! It’d be great to catch up :D

    The Purple Swamphen

  • Hi Mel! Welcome to blogland! Love the look of your site and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures. I must admit it sounds absolutely heavenly to live on a beautiful wild island surrounded by such a lovely community of positive, creative people! I can see why you fit right in ?❤️


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